About Us

The Fannin Focus newspaper is an independently owned online newspaper. Organized in 2014 as a print publication, the community embraced the Fannin Focus from the start. Beginning Nov. 15, the Fannin Focus migrated to an online-only version of the newspaper. Adding interactive features, video and online amenities are now possible and ultimately utilized.

We continue to maintain a “brick & mortar” office and are located at 2460 East First Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia in Fannin County, which is located in the northern sector of the state.

Fannin Focus is truly in touch with the local community. Our publisher Mark Thomason, who has lived his entire life in Fannin County, knows the area well and the importance of keeping people informed and connected through the printed word. Our investigative reports are in-depth and based on research through open records requests and interviews.

We take pride in accuracy and documentation and our “Intent on Integrity” motto is the driving factor. In fact, Mr. Thomason, through his tireless efforts, has exposed misuse of taxpayer dollars in several areas of our local government.

Stories presented in Fannin Focus have grabbed state and national attention. From in-depth coverage of the Fannin County Recreational Department’s mishandling of county funds to the recent coverage of a Superior Court Judge’s misuse of federal funds–Fannin Focus has been the go-to newspaper in the community for truth and the cold, hard facts.

Thomason has received the endorsement of the Society of Professional Journalist for his coverage of judicial wrongdoing and support from attorneys and media outlets.