Chamber welcomes Benchmark Physical Therapy

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce! Pictured left to right: Chamber Membership Services Director Dianne Mallernee, Chamber Ambassadors Sandy Ott, Bonnie Roper and Lisa Reed, Chamber Board of Directors Chair Cynthia Panter, Chamber Ambassador John White, Benchmark PT Office Director Julie Arp, the Jackson family: daughter Ellie, Benchmark PT Clinic Director Thomas Jackson, wife Mary, and daughter Abbie; (behind Mary Jackson) Mark Belongie, Benchmark PT/Blairsville Clinic Director Allan Lee, Benchmark PT intern Angela Silva, Rhonda Worthingstun of Georgia Foothills Hand Surgery, and Chamber Ambassador Brenda Morgan. Not pictured, Benchmark PT Occupational Therapist Krista Fox and Benchmark PT Clinic Director Pam Tutten.

By Marci Watson, Staff Writer:

In a quiet, unassuming location on East Main Street, great things happen in the field of physical therapy. The Fannin County Chamber of Commerce welcomed their newest member, Benchmark Physical Therapy, on Tuesday, Nov. 29 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

benchmarkrc2Area medical patients are routinely sent to physical therapy for a number of reasons by their doctor. Benchmark Physical Therapy, located at 990 East Main in Blue Ridge, a leading outpatient physical rehabilitation provider in the Southeast with superior expertise in Manual Therapy, is one such place where getting specialized physical therapy takes place.

Benchmark PT has added a new service to compliment their existing programs. “Dry Needling is similar to acupuncture,” said Clinic Director Thomas Jackson, Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Trigger point dry needling is a manual therapy technique using small needles to deactivate trigger points and loosen shortened muscles. A needle is inserted at a myofascial trigger point to elicit a twitch response, relax the muscle and promote healing. The benefits include decreased muscle pain and soreness, muscle relaxation, and increased flexibility.

benchmarkrc3Common diagnoses of acute and chronic tendonitis, post-surgical pain, headaches and whiplash, lower back pain, athletic and sports-related injuries, and other chronic pain conditions can be treated successfully with Dry Needling. Other services include treating ankle and shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, knee pain, orthopedic physical therapy, and much more.

Patients can receive physical therapy without a doctor’s orders for up to six to eight weeks, insurance does not cover the cost though. If physical therapy is recommended by your doctor, speak up and state your preference for attending therapy sessions at Benchmark PT. Their therapists and staff will take excellent care of you.

For more information about Benchmark PT and the services they offer, visit

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