Official Fannin County Election Results (Final Copy)

By Jason Banks, Fannin Focus Editor

The Fannin County Election Board office recently released the final count numbers for the November 8 election, and regardless of which candidate won each respective seat, one thing is certain:  Fannin County voters showed up at the polls.

11,937 registered voters (81.3%) participated in this year’s election, a county record for participation.

In the presidential race, Donald Trump (R) won the county by a staggering 81.1% with 9,632 votes.  Hillary Clinton (D) received 1,923 votes (16.19%), Gary Johnson (L) received 222 votes (1.87%) and there were 99 write-in candidates.  Just in case you’re wondering, there were NO VOTES for Harambe (who received reportedly more than 15,000 write-in votes nationwide).

Fannin County voters love District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee (R), who received 99.02% of the votes for her re-election.  Dana Chastain (R), Superior Court Clerk, also received nearly all of the votes with 99.6% of the votes and Sheriff Dane Kirby (R) won re-election with 79.74% of the votes over Rusty Whittenbarger (D), who received 18.2% of the overall votes.

Shirley Sosebee (R) retained her seat as Tax Commissioner with 99.36% of the votes.

Becky Callihan (R) was re-elected as Coroner (99.57%), Stan Helton (R) was officially elected as County Commissioner Chairman (99.52%), and County Commissioner Earl Johnson (R) retained his seat with 98.87% of the votes with 107 write-in votes in opposition.

Constitutional Amendment One was defeated by just over 2/3 of the votes (32.28% to 67.72%).

Constitutional Amendment Two won by a landslide with 83.04% of voters supporting the bill.

Constitutional Amendment Three won with 62.22% of the votes and Constitutional Amendment Four won with 80.34% of the votes.

The results for the SPLOST votes were much closer, 56.20% approving of the SPLOST budget with 43.80% objecting to it.


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