Shop and help Tri State Railroaders for Free!

If you currently shop (or plan to start) at you can financially assist this organization in a very painless way (meaning at no cost to you).

Amazon will donate .5% (that’s one-half of one percent) of the value of your purchases to Tri-State Model Railroaders if you will do the following:

1. Go to any Amazon website and register. (Skip this step if you are already registered at any Amazon website).

2. The next time you shop, go to and you will be asked to enter a non-profit organization. Type in Tri-State Model Railroaders and that designation will be retained for future shopping. The location will show as Douglasville, GA as that is where our treasurer resides. When he registered he had to use the location shown on our TSMRI checking account address. Amazon will periodically remit directly to our checking account electronically.

3. Every time you shop you must enter the address. You may not use the App and there is no App but you may put it in your favorites/bookmarks.

4. Start shopping! The prices shown will be the same as available on any other Amazon website. If you are an Amazon Prime member, your benefits are still available to you.

We realize that .5% is not much, but for our survival and advancement every little bit helps. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Thomas Roskelly, President

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