By Mark Thomason, Fannin Focus Publisher:

Fannin County resident Jason Sisson has spent nearly the past year of his life inside the Fannin County Jail awaiting trial. Sisson, who is being charged with a series of 12 crimes ranging from aggravated assault to discharging a firearm during the commission of a crime, is being represented by attorney Brian Steele.

On Monday, December 5, Sisson’s jury hearing was scheduled to begin. However after nearly six hours of selecting two panels of 24 potential jurors, things took a turn south. Morris Martin, the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case for the state began by individually questioning the first panel of 24 jurors. After nearly an hour of questioning, information was stated in the courtroom which could possibly taint all 24 jurors’ fair judgement in the case and the entire panel was dismissed from service. After some confusion the second panel of 24 jurors was then lead into the courtroom for questioning as well. Again, after nearly an hour-long set of questions the same information was again said out loud, potentially tainting the entire second panel of jurors. This resulted in Sisson’s attorney immediately raising concerns with Judge Keith Galligan, who is presiding over the case. Ultimately, the entire second panel of 24 jurors was also dismissed from service.

After the unusual series of events the court determined there was not enough potential jurors left to continue and rescheduled the entire hearing for next week, Monday December 12.

Meanwhile Sisson has been placed back into custody at the Fannin County Jail.

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  1. Doris Wise

    No bond?????????????????

  2. Henry Mallard

    WHO presented the tainting remarks? Prosecution, defense, or judge?

  3. Marcella O'Steen

    So much for a speedy trial….

  4. Doris Wise

    I should have known better no bail for fannin county. Stay in jail till further notice!!

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