After last week’s debacle where two separate pools of jurors heard tainted information, Jason Sisson, who’s trial was rescheduled for today, walked out of court striking a plea deal. Brian Steel, attorney for Sisson, spoke with the Focus after court breaking down the plea.

Sisson was facing twelve felonies could have received a maximum of 33 years to serve if convicted on all accounts. Steel told the Focus he considered it a good day in court as Sisson agreed to only serving 12 years. In the deal, Sisson plead guilty to aggravated assault and two weapon offenses. The plea also did away with the recidivist act which would have caused Sisson to serve every single day he was sentenced to. A total of 23 years of probation was included in the plea.

The plea was struck in reference to a case, State of North Carolina vs. Alford, and is now commonly called an Alford Plea.

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