City officers risk it all to serve and protect

By Mark Thomason

“Just for the fun of it,” is the explanation 22-year-old Tyler Foster gave city officers as to why on Friday night he lead them on a dangerous cat-and-mouse high speed chase through downtown Blue Ridge.

It all started Friday near midnight when Blue Ridge City Police Officer Justin Ware saw Foster laying black marks with his 1982 Ford F-150 in the parking lot of Save-A-Lot. When Ware hit his blue lights (according to the police report), Foster began to flee eastbound on First street. Ware radioed during the chase while watching Foster’s F-150 truck pass cars on the wrong side of the road.

As Foster passed Pizza Hut, Blue Ridge officer Michael Green fell in behind him and took lead in the chase. With speeds in excess of 90MPH, Foster doubled back, turning onto Mineral Springs Road off Aska Road. As the chase neared the intersection of East First street and Industrial road (almost exactly where it began), Foster slammed on his brakes. This allowed the two city officers a chance to block him, leading to his apprehension. Officers Ware and Green cuffed Foster, but not before both city patrol cars were damaged. A loaded 9mm Ruger pistol was found behind Foster’s driver’s seat. When asked why he ran, Foster told the officers, “Just for the fun of it.”

Foster has been charged with: no license, no insurance, improper lane change, laying drag, reckless driving, fleeing/attempting to elude police more than 30 MPH over speed limit, failure to maintain lane x2, improper passing on the left, and failure to stop at a stop sign.

He is currently being held at the Fannin County Jail.

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