Take Five with Rodney Kendall

1. Has Blue Ridge always been your home?

No, I grew up just outside of Morganton Ga in a place called Hemptown. I moved to Blue Ridge in 1994 and I still live there today.

2. Why is Fannin County the place for you and your family?

I have traveled all over the United States and Fannin County has always been home. I have always loved our small towns even though they have grown a lot over the years. The people are hard-working, kind and stand up for what they believe in. My hope is for all these great traits to be instilled in my children.

And please tell us about your family. My wife and I have been together for 22 years. We have two sweet little girls they are two and four years old. My wife and I decided after 18 years of being together we needed children. I never knew what joy two little girls could bring to our lives but it has been amazing.

3. You are a Blue Ridge City Council member. Why did you want this position, and how long have you served?

I first decided to run for city council to make a difference and bring new ideas to the table. I ran in 2008 for a newly vacated council seat and was given the opportunity to serve by the citizens of Blue Ridge. I was humbled by the number of votes I received. I have had the honor of being re-elected for two additional four year terms. To date, I have served on the Blue Ridge City Council for 8 years and 4 months.

A friend and myself started a towing company in 1998. I was called to wreck scenes and got to see the firefighters in action. Fannin County Chief Jack Worthy said to me on a wreck scene ” Baby, you just need to come join the fire department we could use young guys like you” so I joined the following month. It didn’t take long and I was hooked. I love helping others whether it be the general public, teaching children about fire safety, or teaching new firefighters how to do the job that I love.

5. The Focus learned recently of a special honor bestowed upon you by you fellow firefighters. Can you tell us about the recognition and why it’s special to you?

I recently had the honor of being named firefighter of the year for the City Of Woodstock Fire Department where I work full-time. There were 24 firefighters and 9 sergeants that were eligible to receive the award for firefighter of the year. I was given the privilege of being firefighter of the year by the fine men and women I work with. The chief, as he presented my award, said my fellow firefighters used words like hard-working, motivated, self-starter, and somewhat of a jokester to describe me. It is a great honor for a group of professionals such as these to say those words about me and to give me this kind of recognition.

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