West Fannin Elementary: 3rd grade Fossils

Above: Matthew Marlow and Reese Lewis check out a heavy fossil

Gail Dufresne with Jayne Brechbill (Fossil Lady)

Mrs. Grubb’s 3rd grade Science classes had a Guest Speaker on Fossils on December 8th and 9th. Jayne Brechbill (Fossil Lady) came and shared the following:

· Hands on instruction using museum quality specimens.

· Students were permitted to hold and examine all specimens.

· Specimens included fossils dating back 500 million years.

· Geologic time scale was used as a reference for this class.

· Speaker compared and contrasted rocks, minerals and rock formation.

· Plate tectonics is one aspect of this detailed lesson on fossils.

This subject matter meets Georgia State Science Standards for Grade 3 and Grade 6.

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