Windy North Georgia Monday

By Jason Banks, Fannin Focus Editor

The National Weather Service in Peachtree City issued a high wind watch Sunday afternoon, to be in effect from Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.  Apparently Fannin County received the memo, because the wind started blowing early here today!  It’s cold out, with winds coming from the southeast at 25-40mph (gusting as high as 55mph), so make sure you grab a jacket and possibly an umbrella as you head out around town.

The winds are expected to increase with intensity after 4pm this afternoon, and rain is possible.

Things to watch for under this advisory include falling trees, especially those possibly weakened by the drought.  Also, please remember there is a burn ban in effect and with the high winds outside, a fire could spread very quickly.  Although it may look like it’s going to rain, it hasn’t yet, and the risk of catastrophe far outweighs any task that would require violation of the burn ban.

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